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Burger Food Menus

Green Food

Go for BBQ sauce or Piri Piri sauce on your pizza base for no extra cost.

Item Price Order

1. Chicken Kebab Regular

Kababs made with minced mutton meat, is a famous dish

140.00 USD

2. Chicken Kebab With Nan

Prepare a Tandoor or charcoal grill for moderate heat. Thread the marinated chicken onto a metal skewer

300.00 USD

3. Chicken Boti Kebab Regular

For this extremely tasty recipe you just need chicken, almond and spices.

200.00 USD

4. Chicken Boti Kebab With Nan

For this extremely tasty recipe you just need naan, chicken, almond and spices.

140.00 USD

5. Foodbakery Special 12" Deep Pan

Cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and italian herbs

140.00 USD

Best Burger Restaurants

One of the world greatest brands restaurants


novi sad

The Wooly Public

The Wooly might be a private spot for exclusive parties, but The Wooly Public, as it name suggests.


novi sad

Blue Ribbon Federal Grill

A wide-ranging menu of classic dishes from a seasoned group.



Chinese Tuxedo

Modern Cantonese dishes in a former opera house.Modern Cantonese dishes in .



Little Choc Apothecary

Sweet and savory crepes in a space like a country cafe
About $15 per person



Sunday in Brooklyn

A bar, coffeehouse, and restaurant with a rooftop garden

The best restaurants in Serbia are at Ayde

Cinema, shopping, traveling with friends - what could be better? Of course, the right restaurant should not be missing! Friendship is like the love through the stomach. But where do you find a restaurant that has the right dish for every taste? Of course, at Lieferheld. The food ordering platform has almost 8,000 delivery services throughout Serbia. Whether you live in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin or Cologne, at Ayde every restaurant also has an order service.

Maybe there's your favorite restaurant on Ayde. To find out, just enter your address and zip code into Lieferheld online or in the app. After that, you'll see all the restaurants in your area that deliver their food to your home with a delivery service. There is everything at Lieferheld: Sushi delivery services such as Thai Nippon Sushi Bar , Sushi Express or Sushi Circle are absolutely popular because they offer delicious, fresh fish and keep their good quality for years. If you are more in the mood for a delicious pizza ordering service, you do not have to look far for Lieferheld. In many cities there are popular pizza delivery services such as Freddy Fresh, Hello Pizza , World of Pizza , Pizza Avanti or Blizzeria . With so much choice of restaurants, it's not always easy to decide. If you have the culinary choice, you are in agony. Of course, fans of the traditionally light cuisine at Lieferheld are well catered for. Do you already know the gourmet delivery service Dean and David? With this delivery service, you can order delicious and fresh salads as well as daily changing curries. Best of all, you can order any dish from Dean and David with meat or even vegetarian. So anyone with this order service can enjoy their favorite food without ifs and buts. You're on a diet right now? Then order the delivery service but a delicious juice or a smoothie. Even the stars swear by it.

The delivery service of the restaurant delivers via Ayde

Okay, the restaurant of your dreams has a delivery service on Lieferheld. What now? Of course you have to order there immediately. How it works? Very easily. Visit Ayde in your browser or through the Android or iPhone app. There simply enter postal code and address. The restaurant menu will show you all the dishes and food you can order at your home. Now you just have to put together your wish menu. Start with a delicious appetizer - how about a tasty soup or a crispy salad, for example? The main course is the center of the meal and should be ordered carefully. Pizza, pasta, sushi, burgers or kebabs - all these culinary trends have their advantages and delicacies. For dessert, the delivery hero recommends a sweet tiramisu or a little ice cream. The best thing about Lieferheld? If you do not have cash at home, you do not have to starve. Paid online or in the app conveniently and securely with credit card, Sofortüberweisung or PayPal.

What is Ayde.com?

Slam around the world with Ayde.com and put an end to confusing flyers from the Asia delivery service or pizza service. You can order your food much more conveniently and easily online . No matter if pizza , burger , sushi or Indian , at Ayde you can have every dish delivered to you quickly and relaxed by delivery service . Simply enter the zip code, select the order service and pay online with VISA, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung and cash at the front door.

And on the way, the delivery hero will not let you down. With the handy delivery hero app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can easily order food online from anywhere . In the Delivery Hero app, you can save your favorite home service as a favorite or reorder the last orders with one click. Thousands of restaurant reviews and filters make it easy for you to choose.

Where does the meatball come from?

The history of the meatball probably begins in the 17th century at the time of the great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg. At that time, the Huguenots who fled France had brought the meatballs to Berlin.

They referred to the food in French as "boulette", as it is still called today in Berlin and northeastern Germany, while others claim that the Boulette was brought to the Spree by Napoleon's troops at the beginning of the 19th century Word Meatball also has a French origin and goes back to "Casser", which means "breaking", which corresponds to the minced meat used in making the meatball.

What makes the meatball

Meatballs are balls of minced meat that are eaten fried or grilled. The minced meat used in the preparation usually consists of roughly longed beef and coarsely defatted pork. Meatballs can also be easily prepared from pure beef or pork, lamb or poultry meat. In addition to the classic spices salt and pepper in water or milk soaked bread or white bread added to the basic recipe, which makes the meatball looser. The necessary binding is provided by egg, while chopped onions give the meat a sweet and hearty note.

Modern recipes pep up the classic meatballs with herbs or garlic or fill them with cheese. For example, feta cheese or a cheese that melts in the middle when roasted and then pours onto the plate as a delicious cheese spout is ideal for this.

Frequent side dishes to the meatball

Usually, potatoes are served for the meatball - as a salad, puree or cooked. A suitable accompaniment on the buffet or for a barbecue is also pasta salad. Similar to a burger, the meatball also fits wonderfully into the roll, with mustard or ketchup not to be missed. The classic vegetable side dishes for a meatball are very varied in Germany - from asparagus over green beans to flower or Brussels sprouts.

This is the name of the meatball in the regions of Germany

  • Northeastern Germany: Bulette / Boulette
  • Bavaria: meat plant
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavarian Swabia and Franconia: Fleischküchle
  • South and West Thuringia: Hackhuller, Hacketteshuller or Huller
  • Central and eastern Thuringia: minced meatball, Bratklops
  • Switzerland: meat diet or hacktätschli
  • Austria: Fleischl (o) aberln
  • East of Austria, Vienna: Faschierte Laibchen

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