Listen, here we serve you: Pictures and facts around German court classics - from pears, beans and bacon to pork roast. Take the delicious German dishes as a photo - high resolution, in the best quality and free at your leisure!

German cuisine - hearty home-style cooking

German cuisine has much more to offer than just potatoes and sauerkraut. Here is cooked properly, braised and baked. From the festive Sunday roast, to snacks for the little hunger to powerful, sweet baked goods - the specialties of German cuisine can sometimes not be more different.

The vastness and diversity of Germany are also reflected in culinary terms. On the coast, people eat flat and eat fish, the Palatine love their Saumagen and in the Black Forest there is Kirschtorte - so much for the well-known clichés. But what else does German cuisine have to offer? Which regional delicacies can be discovered while looking over the horizon? And is a potato pancake actually the same as a potato cake?

The answers to all your questions can be found here in the Lecker-Lexikon, the encyclopedia for traditional German dishes.

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Free and without registration - freely accessible to all! That's our motto, because in the Lecker-Lexikon all images are under the Creative Commons license. Lecker-Lexikon are under the Creative Commons license.

What does Creative Commons mean?

The photos in the Lecker-Lexikon are under the Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0. This means, first of all, that you are allowed to use the pictures without restriction - also for commercial purposes. You have to name us - ie Delivery Hero Germany GmbH - however, as the author of the images and should refer to the image source Lecker-Lexikon .

What you do with the pictures is up to you. Whether you're using it for your food blog, remixing it for an art project and sharing it on Facebook, or using it for your online store, all that is allowed under the Creative Commons license.

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